Perry Video Productions gets to tinker with many great video production ideas.  As a creative film and video production studio, we come up with more ideas than we carry out.  Ideas, Ideas, Ideas.  Video Production concepts, Documentary Film Concepts, Video Production locations.  Lots of so-so ideas to get some great ones for video production in Houston.

Always thinking of how to create a more unique experience for our wedding video clients.

Well, a very cool thing happened.  We had the idea of migrating our name to Perry Studios.  Julie and I eventually decided to hold off on that name.   Too much changing of names and things.   I kinda like Perry Video.

One of our clients from Briscoe Manor in Richmond, TX near Houston designed an awesome logo for us.  Wish we could use it.  But we likely will hold off.

I do want to show it off for now…and show Michelle Mingarelli a big thank you for her awesome design work for Perry Video (Perry Studios).

She has a neat little design business called 4/11 design.  She is short–4 foot 11 inches.



So…what do you think?  Do you like this Perry Studios logo design for Perry Video & Photography?