There is not much more that we love than small business. It is one of our passions and joy that keeps us feeling alive. The recent news of the stock market decline of 18% since April irritated me. “That news is not about my business”, I thought to myself! “We might need to watch expenses, but we are doing just fine!”

To help businesses and individuals with their image marketing, our film and photography studio is offering $19/hr/person portrait sessions for the first 2 companies or people to round up a group of 3.  Limit 2 hrs/group.

We want to do our part to help small business continue to do video, photography, and film marketing in this time of not-so-great economic news.

Main Street is a-o-k!

1 Up The Stock Market - $19 Photography & Film Services


To apply for this, just e-mail us and reply on our Facebook page.

Facebook–see our home page of this site.