This past week, Julie and I escaped from Houston video/film production and photography work and attended WPPI 2012 in Las Vegas. We loved it and took away lots of great techniques, gear updates, networking, and just lots of Vegas fun.

My top 10

1) My 3 days with my wife in Vegas.

Such a romantic treat for us. Nice food, shows, & casino. A really nice time.

2) The Print Competition
Listening to other photographers comment and critique the prints in the competition was really cool to see. I feel like we really refined our professional growth by listening in on the commentary of the judges.


3)Meeting and Seeing great photographers
Many of these photographers I had never known or heard of before. There was exceptional talent there.


4)The Trade Show
This was awesome! The tradeshow was an amazing way to see all of the best videos in the photography industry. Since video & photography is marging quite a bit in technology (i.e.: Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon D800, etc). We get tons of value from attending the trade show. We purchased quite a bit of gear from B&H Photo & Video. We like dealing with B&H. Very responsive. Prices always competitive.

We also spent some time at the Think Tank Booth. We ordered 2 new bags from them and are really excited about the new way to organize our gear.


Loved the talks given by thephotographers @ the Nikon, Canon, and Sony booths. Favorites were Doug Gordon with Nikon, Jerry Gihonis with Nikon, and Hanson Fong with Canon.


5)Doug Gordon’s Plus Class

Doug is talented, kind, very direct, entertaining, and hilarious.  Really learned a ton from Doug’s techniques of posing & lighting.


6) Think Tank Bags

We loved these bags from Think Tank!  Very much appreciate the guy who helped us analyze our wedding and event documentary video and photography needs.  Organization of gear means happiness.  🙂

7)  Time Lapse and HDR class by uh…I forget.  He is a photographer out of Phoenix.

The Time Lapse technique was really cool.  We will use it in our next event for sure!!

HDR is not cool.  I don’t ilke it.  Too intense, over cooked and not real.



8)  Jennifer Hudson – Fine Art Womans Portraiture

She is simple.  Elegant.  Very Creative.  Unlike any photographer.  Very artistic.   A neat change of pace to see here at work with her female models.



9) Kevin Kubota’s Class

Great on fundamentals and very entertaining.  Great use of Video Production.  Showed excellent use of Video lights that we will make use of in Houston with our Commercial, Wedding, Event, Portrait Film, Video and Photography shoots.


10) Scott Robert Class on Flashes, Lighting, and Gear

This class alone saved us about $2000 in flash gear by introducing us to manual flashes.  We ended up buying from B &H, but this class was very illuminating about manual flash to best control light and save $$ on flashes.

My favorite one line takeaway came from this class.  Scott said to “Sandwich” your subject with light.  That is the best communication about how to use reflectors, flash, etc that I’ve every heard.  Nice going Scott Robert!