Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending Dave Ramsey’s 1 day EntreLeadership conference in Houston. The price was very reasonable for the great content. $149 for the day 9am-4pm. And I had to leave early around 2:30 to pick up my kids. Dave spoke for about 2 hrs. His other speakers for the other 4 hrs.

Great content. Great use of the Bible for how to operate your business. Love how he can be so wise, practical, and spiritual. I think God laughs and smiles each time Dave Ramsey gets up there to talk.

To my top 10 :
(random order)

1) “Businesses will typically do well if you do all the basic hard working stuff and charge a ‘fair to high’ price” – Dave Ramsey
This struck me as pretty cool since many businesses try to low ball and I’ve always seen that cause problems for the client and for the business. “Fair or High”. A good mantra!

2) “Don’t hire crazy people. Especially don’t hire crazy Christians!…That is just a crazy person w a Bible verse” – Dave Ramsey
Laugh Out Loud!

3) “I can’t 100% tell you the recipe for success, but I can 100% tell you the recipe for failure” – Dave Ramsey
1) Poor Commuincation
2) Gossip
3) Unresolved Disagreements
4) Lack of shared purpose
5) Sanctioned incompetence

My favorite here is his “zero tolerance for Gossip”. He will warn then fire if one of his employees is Gossiping in office. You either take problem to manager or leader, or you be quiet or fix it. Outstanding way to cut out the nonsense in an office setting.

4) “People matter, they are not just transactions” – Dave Ramsey
This was really cool. He put a huge emphasis on vendors, clients, everyone you deal with in business having a “story”. People should not be treated like computers or transactions. He sited Bank of America as systematically not doing a good job of this.

5) “If you’ve been in business for over 5 yrs, you have had several business ideas, right?… And you realize that most all your ideas suck!” – Dave Ramsey

This was really profound. It goes to the heart of entrepreneurialism and ventures and debt. Most ideas for ventures are no good and they will get you in debt. That is the boundary entrepreneurs or idea people are always challenged with. It was good to hear it in such a “hammer-over-the-head” way. He emphasized sticking with a couple great ideas. Those ideas are really the only ones that can really survive in a marketplace.

“Debt magnifies mistakes”. This is really important to grasp as you operate a business.

6) “Why are you doing your business? God owns your business and he owns your opportunities” – Dave Ramsey
This is always a challenging question. I’ll have to do another article just on this one alone.

7) “Sales process should be FUN!” – Chris Locurto
Wohoo! Party. This is easier for my wife than me. The guy described the process that The Ritz Carlton used to entertain them as they were considering having a conference in Lake Tahoe. They were fun, personal, and very attentive.

7) “Selling is serving.” – Dave Ramsey
This was really great to see in his examples and elaboration. If you take this approach and work very hard, you never have to be pushy.

8) “Hinge Moments, not home run moments, are what help separate your business” – Jon Acuff
Focused on the small, incremental improvements v. the huge paradigm shifts as more important to separate a business.

9) Entreprenuer qualities are different than Leader’s qualities. These can be learned from each other. The EntreLeader uses both of these quality sets to grow his/her business.

Risk Taker


10) Definition of Success – “Not wealth, not fame, not power, but who am I being that my children, my players, my employees, my family’s eyes are not shining”

Again placing emphasis on people and success being measure by “shining eyes” around you. Very challenging measuring stick, but a great one!