Perry Video & Photography is proud to partner with Doorstep Digital–a unique “at your doorstep” photo scanning service.  Not only partnering to serve common clients, but also get to make some very fun and cool videos for this client.


Here are a couple areas that Perry Video & Photography’s Multimedia Marketing and commercial film team worked on to help get the word out about this exciting new mobile photo scanning service in Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Chicago, Denver, and Seattle.


1) Video Content

During 2014, Perry Video & Photography collected several interviews and b-roll footage during various photo scanning projects that Doorstep Digital was involved in.  This footage came together

Doorstep Digital – Client Stories and Testimonials 2014 from Perry Video & Photography on Vimeo.


2) Facebook Page updates

At Doorstep Digital, always interesting photo scanning projects going on in Houston, Austin, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, and more cities! We help them update their Facebook Page to keep their current and future clients informed about different projects. Doorstep Digital always makes sure to respect the privacy of each client, so the photo scanning work displayed is by client approval only.


“Doorstep Digital offers the unique service of “at your doorstep” photo scanning. Currently located in 9 cities from Seattle to Houston. Their experienced Digital Archivists will come to your location to Scan. Backup. Organize. Everything in your home that is important to you…photos, slides, negatives, tapes, artwork, documents…Saving Yesterday for Tomorrow ™.

Doorstep Digital began in the Houston in April 2014, now in 9 cities across the US. Founded by Houston native Jack Perry–Operating Owner.

Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, Baton Rouge, New Orleans. With plans to expand to 3 more cities by summer 2015.”